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    Chinese Agricultural Water S & T is the official website for Beijing Zhongnong Tianlu Micro-nano Bubble Water S & T Co., Ltd. 
    Beijing Zhongnong Tianlu Micro-nano Bubble Water S & T Co., Ltd (referred to as Zhongnong Tianlu) is subordinate to Zhongnong Futong. Zhongnong Tianlu Provides innovative water technology services.Zhongnong Tianlu is committed to solving the problems of efficient utilization of agricultural water resources, agricultural water treatment, new rural water environment, etc., and offers comprehensive water utilization solution for new rural areas (communities) and agricultural parks. Zhongnong Tianlu relies on the experts and technology of China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, China Academy of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, China Academy of Aquatic Sciences, Wuhan Institute of Aquatic Plants of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutes to provide services. We have more than 400 well-known experts as well as a group of professional and technical talents with rich practical experience. We are a high-tech service-oriented enterprise integrating "production, learning, research, promotion and utilization." Our strategic goal is " integrating world-class agricultural professional, establishing international top promotion platform."  
    At present, the business scope of Zhongnong Tianlu mainly includes precise irrigation, design and construction for integration of water and fertilizer, R & D and sales of Micro-nano Bubble products,design and construction of sewage treatment, design and construction of agricultural water science & technology park. Zhongnong Tianlu is committed to the research, application and promotion of advanced water science and technology in agriculture related fields, providing efficient and ecological solutions, and building a beautiful home with sky blue, clear water and green land. 
    Zhongnong Tianlu has its own intellectual property products,which are micro-nano bubble quick generating device, nutrition solution oxygenated disinfection system, soil disinfection machine, automatic fertilization system with precise formula, integrated system of water, fertilizer, gas as well as heat, aquaponic system, recirculating aquaculture system, etc.  
    As a high-tech enterprise in Beijing city and Zhongguancun area, Zhongnong Tianlu has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. We have obtained class-B qualification in irrigation industry and more than 70 intellectual property rights, which include 6 invention patents, 3 certificates of scientific and technological achievements, and 4 certificates of service of new technology and new product in Beijing.  
    By adhering to the idea of "Being Professional and Dedicated", we sincerely hope to work together with you for a win-win, jointly promoting the application of modern water technology in the field of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", building a conservation-oriented society, and helping rural revitalization. 

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