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      Beijing Zhongnong Tianlu Micro-nano Bubble Water S & T Co., Ltd. (Zhongnong Tianlu) is an affiliated company of ZHONGNONG FUTONG, and is dedicated itself in efficient utilization and treatment of agro-water resources, water conservation in new rural areas, and provides solution of water utilization for counties, new rural areas or communities, as well as agricultural parks. More than 400 experts and technician with rich experience from CAU, CAS, Tsinghua, IWHR, CAAS, BAAFS, etc. provide technical assistance. Zhongnong Tianlu is a high-tech service-oriented enterprise with the focus on “Aggregating World-class Agricultural Professionals, Building International Top Promotion Platform”.

      Currently, Zhongnong Tianlu aims at water-saving irrigation, water-related project design, water treatment in agro-enterprises and rural areas, and agro-water S&T Park / stadium construction, and devotes itself in research, application and promotion of water S &T in the agriculture-related areas, and provides comprehensive solution on efficiency, ecology conservation and utilization to build a wonderful land with blue sky, clean water and green life.

      Zhongnong Tianlu owns its products with proprietary intellectual property rights: rapid micro/nano bubbles generator, aerated disinfection system with nutrient solution, soil disinfector, precise automatic fertilizer distributor, integrator of water, fertilizer, micro/nano bubbles and ground heat, integrated system with hydroponics with aquaculture, etc.

      Zhongnong Tianlu, as one of the Beijing High and new technology enterprises, is awarded with Class II - A in Irrigation Industry, 26 intellectual properties, 6 of which are invention patents, and has obtained the certification of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

      We hope cooperate with you in the application of modern water S & T in “Three Rurals” area with professional and concentrated spirit, and promote new manners in resource utilization and build a conservation-oriented society.

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