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    "The fourth session of China's agricultural precise irrigation innovation development BBS" held on time

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      To promote the rapid development of agricultural precision irrigation, through the "political, industrial, research, research, use" to promote domestic and international agricultural irrigation industry exchanges and cooperation, April 22, by the Beijing Fortis Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing The fourth session of China Agricultural Precision Irrigation Innovation and Development Forum was held in Beijing and China International Exhibition Center (Laojiao), which was jointly organized by Beijing Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Haidian Agricultural Practical New Technology Promotion Association.



      Ministry of Agriculture, the leadership of the National Agricultural Technology Center, the Ministry of Water Resources Science and Technology Promotion Center leadership, domestic and foreign well-known agricultural-related enterprises responsible person, authoritative experts, university professors, research institutes and related industry units, gathered together to discuss China's agricultural precision irrigation innovation and development New ideas.




      The forum was hosted by Beijing Zhongnong Tianlu Micro-Nano Bubble Water Technology Co., Ltd. executive vice president An Junbo.



      The characteristics and characteristics of soil salinization, soil compaction and soil-borne diseases are described in detail in the aspects of "water and fertilizer management and soil health", which are the main experts of the National Agricultural Technology Center of the Ministry of Agriculture. Improve the utilization of fertilizers, improve crop quality have put forward unique insights.



      Ministry of Water Resources Science and Technology Promotion Center Xiao Xinmin Director to "the implementation of contract water conservation management to promote the development of precision irrigation" as the title, detailed analysis of the contract water-saving management model background, what is the contract water-saving management model, the implementation process and contract water- Promote the development of precision irrigation.



      Well-known domestic irrigation experts, Dr. Gong Qi share the modern fertilization equipment technology research and application of progress.



      China Agricultural University Professor Ma Daokun introduced the wisdom of the Internet based on the technology and application.



      Nandan Gian Israel Irrigation Company China Business Manager Amaranten details the latest foreign irrigation products and related cases.



      Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park, general manager of Qi Deming introduced the Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park, the overall situation and water and fertilizer integration of technical points, and how to achieve modern agricultural integration of water and fertilizer in detail.



      National Agricultural Informatization Engineering Technology Research Center researcher Guo Wenzhong introduced the classification of water and fertilizer integration equipment in China, and forecast its development direction is: based on "Internet of things" technology integrated water and fertilizer management system.



      Beijing Xiaotong Tianlu Micro-Nano Bubble Water Technology Co., Ltd. R & D manager Xue Xiaoli combined with the project case introduced the micro-nano bubble technology and its application in the field of aerobic irrigation.



      The importance of irrigation water quality in automatic irrigation and fertilization was analyzed by introducing the important role of water quality in plant growth and development.
    The forum through the display, publicity and promotion and other means, focusing on the modernization process under the domestic and international agricultural precision irrigation development of new ideas, new formats, new technology applications.


      The "China International Modern Agriculture Expo", "the seventh session of the modern urban agriculture high-level forum", "the second China beautiful rural innovation forum".





      April 23, 24, guests were to Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Beijing Rui Zhengyuan farm and the fifth Beijing Agricultural Carnival, Beijing Lingxiushan tea garden characteristics of the town site visits, learning.




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