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    Magnetized water

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    1, magnetization (small molecules) live water
      When the water passes through the strong magnetic field, the macromolecule (H2O) n is divided into two molecules (H2O) 2 or single molecule H2O by the magnetic field. After the magnetization, the hydrogen bond angle of the water molecule decreases from 104.5 ° to about 103 °, The direction of the magnetic field changes and the value increases, and the nature of the fluid changes. The use of magnetic field magnetic energy activation of water molecules, so that large groups of water into small molecules, water is magnetized (small molecules) live water.



    2, drinking magnetized water on the human body benefits
      (1) to help nutrition absorption, improve gastrointestinal function, promote the body metabolism, improve immunity.
      (2) to prevent gallstones, urethral calculi and other stones, long-term drinking can dissolve the body stones.
      (3) long-term drinking can improve hypertension, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, obesity, urethritis, gastritis and constipation and other symptoms.
      (4) with molten water mouthwash, can effectively remove the stone, to prevent gingivitis, so that the teeth white and strong.
      (5) magnetized water bath, to avoid acne formation, slow down allergic skin symptoms, so that the skin soft and smooth and deep moisturizing, strong hair roots, to prevent hair loss, reduce dandruff.



    3, magnetized water effect
      (1) to promote the body metabolism: drinking magnetized water, because of its small water molecules, not only easier to penetrate into the body of the fine capsule, penetrate the thin package faster. So it can not only carry the nutrients carried by the cells more easily absorbed by the body but also more easily the cells produced by the body of waste away from the human body to promote the body's metabolism, and indirectly enhance the body's immune capacity.
      (2) increase the food preservation period: the general without the magnetization of the water molecules water mass, the molecular chain is large, so the outside of the free water is not easy to attach to the food surface and easy to discrete. And the magnetized water after the magnetization of its small water molecules in the molecular chain is smaller, the external water molecules are less likely to free from the cells, so that after the magnetized water washed after the fish, meat, thin fruit shelf life extended.
      (3) safety assurance and health: dissolved in ordinary water in the ordinary impurities, part of the same water dissolved in the general combination of water, easy to stink, and become a breeding ground for bacteria. The magnetized water after magnetization, by the strong magnetic field cutting effect, so that the same dissolved in water compounds separated into charged atoms, by changing its survival in the water type, so that it is no longer easy to combine with the organic matter in water Has a stench, and indirectly provides an environment for bacterial growth. This water is safe and healthy magnetic water.
      (4) easy to use and good drink: magnetized water is not only because of water molecules than ordinary ordinary water is small, easier for the tongue on the taste buds and feel more sweet and delicious. But also because of the solubility of magnetized water is much higher than the average ordinary water, so the use of magnetized water for a variety of dishes, because it can improve the solubility of seasonings, so that food is more tasty. With the magnetized water to brew milk powder, coffee, tea, but also because of its high solubility, the characteristics of smaller water molecules, feel more delicious. This water is easy to use and soothing magnetized water.
      (5) to promote plant growth: the use of magnetized water plants, due to the higher oxygen content of magnetized water, smaller water molecules and better solubility, easy to dissolve some of the soil and easier to absorb plants, making the use of magnetized water Irrigation of plants, growth is much better than the use of ordinary water irrigation is better.
    4, magnetized water applications
      (1) industry: the general factory boilers in the use of a large number of steam heating machine, the scale is easy to silt in the water pipe wall or boiler bottom, which makes the function is not clear, and the scale also have to spend a lot of money. However, if the magnetized water after the use of magnetized water boiler, due to the special physical and chemical properties of magnetized water, change the presence of compounds in the water, not only the scale of the deposition, more previously the remaining scale, softened.
      (2) the construction industry: compared with ordinary ordinary water mixing mixed concrete, with the magnetized water mixing concrete, because of its high solubility, not only can save the amount of concrete, but also because of the concrete mix of concrete and more detailed, Water resistance and strength are also better than the use of ordinary water mixing mixed concrete superior.
      (3) textile industry: in the textile industry, because the pigment is more likely to dissolve in the water and more in-depth wood wool fiber, making the use of magnetized water cloth dyeing effect is better.


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