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    6 molecules of water

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      Nature, the ice has just melted the source of water for the six small molecules of water molecules active water. The quiescent state of water will soon converge into dozens of molecules of macromolecular water. Small molecule active water has a stunning effect on the traditional medicine have a strong impact. According to foreign authoritative medical journal reports: hypertension, atherosclerosis, stomach, enteritis, arthritis, gout, stone disease, constipation, the common cause of cell hypoxia. The body of water into intracellular water and extracellular water, intracellular water for the "water of life." Infant life water content of 100%, with age, life water gradually reduced, 60 years old only 23%, cell shrinking and shriveled, all kinds of diseases after another. Life of water is 5 to 6 water molecules of weak alkaline small molecules of active water, free access to cells, through the transport of nutrients and waste to promote metabolism, to eliminate the hidden dangers of various diseases.
      1, different scales of water molecules cluster structure of the Earth is often called the planet of water. Water molecules are not in the form of single molecules. The V-form of the HO molecule and the polarity of the OH are the asymmetric distributions of the charge, which produce gravitational forces between the water molecules, so that the water molecules are associated with a considerable degree, commonly referred to as water clusters, Commonly known as water molecules. The structure of the water cluster is dynamically combined, the stability of the existence of time for the order of 10 ~ 12 seconds. That is, from time to time there are water molecules to join a cluster of water molecules, and a water molecule to leave the cluster. All these events are random.

      2, the presence of aquaporin on the cell wall In 2000, American scientist Peter Agre and Rodrigo McKinnon successfully demonstrated the presence of aquaporins on the cell wall, a great discovery that revealed that the cell wall was penetrated by many water channels Rather than a closed shell. As a result, Peter Agrael and Rodrigo McKinnon won the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Small molecules of water through the human body through the water channel through the piercing through, when the nutrition and oxygen into the cells, piercing the bacteria and viruses out of the cell, thereby enhancing the metabolism and detoxification effect, improve the human body The immunity.


      3,6 molecular water manufacturing principles

      6 molecular water manufacturing principle is through the patented equipment, the use of pure physical technology, the water group of macromolecules scattered, smaller, rearrangement can be fully absorbed by the human body cells of weak alkaline small molecules active water, And can be sustained and stable polymerization. 6 The birth of water is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of drinking water, will lead the human from the safe drinking water into a new era of healthy drinking water, and will set off a revolution in human drinking water.



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