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    Greenhouse High Pressure Spray Cooling Technology

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      Greenhouse high-pressure spray cooling technology system using high-pressure piston pump, the ordinary water after filtration, high pressure unit after the high pressure pipeline by the nozzle diameter of the smallest nozzle up to 10μm spray, sprayed on top of the crop, The dry and wet fog will fill the entire greenhouse. As the droplets evaporate and drop, the temperature in the greenhouse is reduced.
    First, the system composition
      High pressure spray cooling system, including intelligent control system, water treatment filtration system, high pressure pump water pipe network, air supply system.
      (1) intelligent control system
    Including three aspects: timers, humidity regulators and timing controllers. When the timing controller is applied to the greenhouse spray with the exhaust fan, the first step is to open the exhaust fan and cool down the second step.
      (2) water treatment filtration system
    Water treatment filtration system should be able to effectively filter the impurities in the water, so that the spray with the water to maintain a very pure, to prevent the nozzle was blocked.
      (3) high pressure pump water pipe network
    High-pressure pump will be pressurized by water through the water pipe network to the water spray to the nozzle, and atomization, resulting in suspended in the air droplets, high pressure pump selection should ensure that the entire system of water pressure and flow demand.
      (4) air supply system
      An effective air supply system can accelerate the atomization and evaporation. The water supply pipe network should be configured according to the form of the greenhouse air supply system. If the spray is natural ventilation, even if the greenhouse is cooled evenly, the nozzle should be evenly distributed in the whole greenhouse space At the top of the crop top); if the exhaust fan is used for ventilation, then the majority of the nozzles should be placed in the air inlet, and only a small number of nozzles (system of spray cooling equipment)
    Second, the system features
      (1) fog: high-pressure micro-fog nozzle can produce 5 billion droplets per second, droplet diameter of only 0.5 ~ 15μm, excellent cooling effect. The smaller the fog particles, the larger the surface area, the higher the evaporation rate, the better the cooling effect can be achieved. The smaller the nozzle nozzle, the faster the spray, the better the cooling effect. To prevent the nozzle from obstruction, use a double suction filter (25μm and 5μm filter in series) in the water booster pump inlet. 
      (2) energy saving: atomization 1kg water consumes only 6W power.
      (3) Reliable: High-pressure micro-mist humidification system The host adopts imported industrial piston pump, capable of continuous operation for 24h, nozzle and water mist dispenser without power vulnerable parts, in high humidity environment will not be damaged.
      (4) safe automatic pressure relief: When the spray machine to stop working, the body will automatically release the pressure of high pressure nozzle to prevent the nozzle dripping.
      (5) automatic water shortage system: to prevent the pump when the phenomenon of idle air, improve pump life.
      (6) health: high-pressure micro-fog system of water is sealed non-circular use, will not lead to bacterial reproduction.


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