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    "Beautiful awakening" as a new form of expression of agricultural carnival, she is lohas characteristic activities as the carrier of an agricultural leisure experience model, based on "agriculture as the base, water science and technology as support, culture, tourism featuring" four-wheel drive Mosaic, a new type of multifunctional agriculture tour is a new forms of urban agriculture.She gathered hundreds of advanced water technology and agricultural science and technology in the world, through the marketing operation, specialization, internationalization, and brand, build a tipping point area is the commanding heights of science and technology and economy, is to realize the national "Internet +", "tertiary industry integration", "poverty alleviation" precisely, "public entrepreneurship peoples innovation", "reform" supply side, such as strategy, undertake the important carrier of agricultural rural comprehensive reform experiment.
    Middle peasants day company synergy middle lu fortis brothers successively in liaoyang, liaoning province hebei xingtai carnival and other regions involved in multiple agriculture water characteristic theme pavilions of project planning, design, construction, technical support and operational management, added a unique beautiful color for carnival project, well received by the masses of tourists and professionals.On this basis, the company's original and synergy to forge "beautiful awakening" - the independent brand project, aimed at reflected on agriculture as the foundation of water features, rich agricultural carnival theory system, to promote the development of the leisure agriculture in our country to set up the important banner.

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