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    Based on water characteristics of agricultural science and technology park, water park, she is with the market as the guidance, supported by science and technology of the new model of agricultural development, is the carrier of agricultural technology and water science and technology integration, is connected to the farmers market, is the source of modern agricultural science and technology and water science and technology, industrial upgrading of surrounding area agriculture, leisure agriculture innovation, guiding and demonstration to the rural economic development and promoting role.Featured with water for water science and technology museum as a form of facilities agriculture, can independently make or as a core, water park, build wading in the agricultural water resources, water ecology, water environment, water science and technology, water landscape, water culture, water engineering, economy of the most comprehensive showcase platform.
    Beijing international science and technology park - affiliated to Beijing urban agriculture water middle peasants day Liu Wei nano bubble water technology co., LTD., Beijing international brand is located in tongzhou district of Beijing firm town city agricultural science and technology park, the park planning covers an area of more than hundred acres at present.

    Water science and technology museum is an agricultural carnival series with water as the theme pavilions in the venue.
    Liaoyang agricultural carnival of "water" house - with "water" as the theme, through the aquatic plants, artificial wetland and hydroponic vegetables, irrigation water, fish, special function display and a number of water entertainment experience, comprehensive and in-depth introduction to the technological and artistic aspects of water, participatory, interesting.
    South and agriculture "boat together ji" pavilion of carnival, the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei agriculture oriented, with "water" as the carrier, in beijing-tianjin-hebei region characteristic agriculture as the main body, the fusion of local traditional culture, by the south-to-north water diversion project beijing-tianjin-hebei are closely linked, with agricultural characteristics demonstrated agricultural science and technology innovation, water-saving irrigation technology and water science and technology, reflects the beijing-tianjin-hebei human-water harmony theme.
    Shen county agricultural carnival "YuShuiQing qixin" pavilion - water as the theme, with water hing liaocheng as conception, in agricultural science and technology as the main line, water mix water culture (the Yellow River culture, the canal culture, aquatic culture, ecological culture) and the water versatility (science and technology, science, landscape, experience, interaction) into an organic whole, guiding tourists in popular science education and science and technology demonstration study, participation, experience, harvest and enjoy, radiation in liaocheng wading industries realize the development of tertiary industry fusion, promote employment increase in rural incomes.

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