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    Main Business

    Water for agriculture and rural drainage provide professional water treatment solution:
    Agricultural water treatment is mainly to agricultural water, water drainage for rural water treatment project design, make water quality meet the corresponding national standards, and cooperate with the automation system, to achieve the effect of water saving, high-quality environmental protection.
    Main business are:
    A, the overall water treatment project design, construction drawing design, include:
    1. The irrigation water processing
    2. Gardening water disposal
    3. Drinking water treatment
    4. The rainwater collection and utilization
    5. Irrigation of wastewater treatment and utilization: the nutrient solution increases oxygen sterilization equipment
    6. Rural water treatment: integration of sewage treatment equipment, artificial wetland
    Second, the installation and debugging: site construction, equipment installation and debugging
    3, equipment application: oxygen increasing nutrient solution disinfection, micro/nano equipment that add oxygen, milk bath, soil disinfection machine, etc

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