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    Project construction site: Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province
    Project construction scale: construction area of ​​1000 acres
    Project start and end time: (July 2015 - August 2015)
    Project Construction Description: This project is a solar greenhouse, multi - span greenhouse and Daejeon water and fertilizer integration project. The core technology is the water and fertilizer integration machine with pressure irrigation system, the soluble solid fertilizer or liquid fertilizer with the fertilizer from the irrigation water together, evenly and accurately transported to the roots of crops. According to the growth requirements of crops, the whole growth period demand design, according to different crops set different parameters, the water and nutrients quantitative, regular, proportionally directly to the crop. The project mainly includes 30 solar greenhouse, multi-span greenhouses and about 1,000 acres of field, supporting the installation of a submersible pump, automatic backwashing filter set, water and fertilizer integration machine a fertilizer bucket four, solenoid valve and automatic A set of control systems, a set of agricultural irrigation monitoring system. Laying the installation of irrigation water pipes 2000 meters, drip irrigation with 30,000 meters. Through the implementation of the project to achieve the 30 solar greenhouse temperature, humidity, soil moisture and soil PH value of real-time data collection and according to crop needs to set the automatic irrigation and fertilization.

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