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    Beijing International Urban Agriculture Science and Technology Park - under the Beijing Zhongnong Tianlu micro - nano - bubble water Technology Co., Ltd., Located in Beijing Tongzhou District Lucheng Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park, the park currently covers an area of more than 100 acres.
    Park to show the domestic and foreign advanced agricultural irrigation model, efficient water treatment and other equipment, bear the introduction of foreign projects and cooperation. At the same time to carry out science education, training practice, gardening construction, technical services, agricultural products picking and water technology products such as agents.
    Park existing aquatic plants more than 30 species, more than 10 kinds of functional water equipment, hydroponics more than 10 items. With the planning of the design, construction, can better support the family gardening, agricultural carnival, water Yang years, and nurture the development of international advanced level of water technology demonstration industry group, in the actual action to explore a set of water technology to achieve industrialization Profit, serve the three rural areas, driving the local agricultural development path.

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