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      (The Yellow River culture, the canal culture, the aquatic culture, the ecological culture) and the water are the main lines of the agricultural water science and technology as the main line, and the water is the theme of the water, (Science and technology, science, science, science, science, science, science and technology) in one, to guide tourists in science education and science and technology demonstration in learning, participation, experience, harvest, enjoy, Employment income.
      The museum is divided into charm Watertown (Yellow River culture, canal culture, water culture), irrigation technology (water-saving irrigation, water technology show, water tanker experience), aquaculture (turtle industry, the Yellow River carp industry, Koi industry) and wetland agriculture (Aquatic vegetables, aquatic plants, landscape wetlands, artificial wetlands) four parts. In line with the water-saving culture, water science show, while setting up a number of interactive water interactive experience projects and promotion of sales activities. Show aquatic products, aquatic vegetables and other aquatic plant varieties more than 70 species, aquaculture mode 5, 74 water technology, 34 landscape nodes, interactive experience project 30.

    hotline 010-62312878
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