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      Shandong Huimin County Xin Cheng agricultural science and technology demonstration park to vegetable cultivation, covering 20,000 square meters. As the province's largest producer of intelligent vegetable cultivation greenhouse, Shandong Xin Cheng Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Garden full introduction of the Dutch advanced planting technology, in accordance with the EU good agricultural certification standards for planting, in order to make full use of space, enterprises using coconut chaff, Rock wool composite matrix soilless cultivation method, the management process using computer control system and automatic irrigation and fertilization system, to achieve the implementation of planting environment regulation and irrigation fertilization standardization, precision automatic control.
      Soilless cultivation of water quality requirements are higher, with well water as a water source, to take into account the local stratigraphic structure, mining out of the well water to be analyzed and tested. According to the water quality report on the treatment of raw water, the allocation of nutrient solution for the entire park irrigation. After the absorption and utilization of vegetables after the use of waste nutrients containing fertilizer ingredients, sterilization, disinfection, removal of obstacles to the growth of substances can be widely used in cultivated land as liquid fertilizer application, both to avoid pollution of the environment, but also save water, fertilizer, reduce the cost of re-entry The
      Xincheng Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Garden water treatment system project includes soilless cultivation of irrigation water treatment system and irrigation after exudation of waste nutrient disinfection system in two parts, including civil, water supply and drainage, power distribution control, water treatment equipment and disinfection design , Procurement, construction, supply, transportation, installation, commissioning, completion, inspection qualified, technical services and training and so on. The successful completion of the water treatment system, both for intelligent greenhouse vegetable cultivation to provide a water source protection, but also to achieve the residual disinfection of sewage treatment after the second use of the concept of environmental protection.

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