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    Project Name: Tsinghua University micro - nano - bubble technology used in water conservancy information project
    Project Location: Tsinghua University, Department of Water Conservancy
    Project start and end time: November 18, 2014 - November 20, 2014
    Project construction Content brief introduction:
    Water information, according to the principle of Doppler effect, the use of professional water speed measuring instrument, by reflecting the particles in the water, collecting signals and then determine the flow rate. Generally rely on the water to do the reflection of the medium. But the sediment as a reflective medium is not stable, the effect of good times and bad. The micro-nano-bubble has a horizontal easy to spread, vertical floating speed characteristics, can be used as an ideal reflection medium to determine the flow rate. Our company cooperates with Tsinghua University Institute of Water Conservancy and Sediment Research Institute to provide micro-nano bubble generation device and cooperate with some related work.
    Project honor: My company's micro-nano bubble generation device in the domestic industry come to the fore, has been recognized by Tsinghua University, and opened a micro-nano bubble water in the water information technology research a new chapter.

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