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    Project Name: Yulin Agricultural Carnival Spray Cooling Project
    Project Location: Yulin City, Guangxi
    Project construction scale: an area of 6000 square meters
    Project start and end time: June 2015 - July 2015
    Project construction Content brief introduction:
    Yulin Carnival 3 and 4 Hall to large-scale planting mainly vegetation, summer high temperature affect the normal growth of plant plants, affecting tourists sightseeing. In view of the above high temperature conditions, in the case of maintaining a certain humidity, the use of high-pressure atomization equipment to take away the heat in the air, reducing the height of the venue, while maintaining ventilation.
      The project uses high-pressure atomization system, after the purification of water into the high-pressure fog machine, through the fog pump pressurized to 5-7Mba, through the high-pressure water pipeline to the spray site, and finally by the structure of sophisticated spray nozzle high-speed spray Out, the formation of atomized particles diameter of 5-10 micron fog group, floating in the air, the use of water evaporation, reduce the ambient air temperature. At the same time, due to the adsorption of spray fog itself, the adsorption of dust in the air and the elimination of static electricity, coupled with high-speed atomization process generated by the negative ions, making the ambient air after the spray becomes fresh and cool.
    Project honor: summer high temperature season, the use of high-pressure atomization system to effectively reduce the greenhouse temperature, to maintain the normal growth of plants, while fog has a good landscape effect, by the people's favorite.

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