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      Construction site: Beijing Daxing District "Suoli" River,Equipped with three sets of Micronano Bubble Quick Generating Device.

      The use of micro-nano aeration device periodic aeration, to prevent anaerobic environment odor, while generating negative ions, healthy. Micro-nano-bubble treatment of water purification capacity is much higher than the natural conditions and ordinary air bubbles treated by the self-purification capacity. The equipment can be automated or manual operation, easy operation and management; operating costs are low, the economic benefits are obvious.

      Peking University professor and leadership for the micro-nano-bubble rapid occurrence of the initial operation of the device to give a high evaluation. The latter will be in operation with the company to strengthen cooperation with Micronano Bubble Quick Generating Device in the field of application to provide theoretical basis and guidance.  

      The use of Micronano Bubble Quick Generating Device, the water to reach a saturated dissolved gas state of time is short, high efficiency, saving energy. Can be used for a variety of water treatment of oxygen disinfection, water quality comprehensive management, advanced oxidation, algae sewage treatment.

      The project won the Best Technology and Equipment Award at 2016 China International Circular Economy Exhibition.

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