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    The construction site of this project is located in “Baoli” river, Daxing District, Beijing City, and three sets of micro-nano bubble quick generation devices are equipped with.            
    Micro-nano aeration device has been used to prevent stink in the anaerobic environment, at the same time to produce anion, which is beneficial to health. The purification ability of the water treated by micro-nano bubbles is much higher than that of the water treated by natural conditions and ordinary bubbles. This device can be operated both automatically or manually, with convenient operation and management, low operation cost and obvious economic benefits.
    Professors and leaders of Peking University have highly appraised the preliminary operation effect of micro-nano bubble quick generation device. In the later stage, we will strengthen cooperation, and provide theoretical and practical guidance for the application of the device.  
    By using the micro-nano bubble quick generation device, the water body reaches saturated and dissolved state with short time, which is highly efficient and energy-saving. It can be used for water treatment, oxygenation and disinfection, comprehensive treatment of water quality, advanced oxidation, algae and sewage treatment, etc.            
    This project has won the best technical equipment award at China International Circular Economy Exhibition 2016. 

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