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     Micro-nano Bubble Quick Generating Device can dissolve gas (such as air, oxygen, ozone, etc.) into water by high-speed cycle cutting mode, so as to make the micro-nano bubble water quickly and efficiently. Through this way, it will improve gas dissolution efficiency and meet water treatment requirements. Therefore, this device can be widely used in industry, agriculture and domestic-water treatment. 
    It is a new-type device, which is independently developed, designed and produced by our company. It has obtained nine national patents. 

    Product features:            
    1. Bubble diameter 100nm-10 μ m;           
    2. Slow rising speed;            
    3. Self-pressurization dissolution;            
    4. Large specific surface area;            
    5. The surface is charged;            
    6. Easy to combine with existing equipment;             
    7. Different types of gas and liquid can be combined freely;

    Application fields:            
    Agricultural production: oxygenation and disinfection of nutrient solution; oxygenated irrigation;            
    Aquaculture and animal husbandry: water purification and disinfection; water oxygenation            
    Sewage treatment: water purification, disinfection, and oxygenation            
    Health care: sterilization, disinfection, and bathing            
    Food processing: fruit and vegetable cleaning, disinfection and preservation

    Product parameters:             
    The product has been applied in many projects, and become a black technology in the eyes of customers, which has been widely praised.


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