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      Micronano Bubble Quick Generating Device, the gas (such as: air, oxygen, ozone, etc.) with high-speed rotary cutting method into the water, rapid and efficient preparation of micro-nano-bubble water to improve the gas dissolution efficiency to meet the water treatment The request. So it can be widely used in industrial, agricultural and domestic water treatment.
     Micronano Bubble Quick Generating Device is my company's independent research and development, design and production of a new generation of micro-nano bubble generation device, and has made four national patents.
      1. Bubble diameter of 100nm-30μm;
      2. Slow up;
      3. self-pressurized solution;
      4. Large surface area;
      5. Surface charge;
      6. Micro-nano bubble generation device and existing equipment to facilitate the combination;
      7. Different types of gas and liquid can be freely combined, different gas sources (air, oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide, etc.).
    Application areas:
      Agricultural production: nutrient solution oxygen and disinfection, aerobic irrigation
      Aquaculture and livestock breeding: water purification and disinfection, water oxygen
      Sewage treatment: water purification, disinfection, oxygen
      Medical health: sterilization, disinfection, bath health care
      Food processing: fruit and vegetable cleaning, disinfection, preservation


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