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      Nutrition liquid residue (waste nutrient solution) disinfection system is the micro-nano aeration technology, ozone disinfection, UV disinfection and other technologies to integrate, effectively soil-free nutrient solution for sterilization, in order to discharge and secondary use (Watering field crops and fruit trees). Vigorously develop the circular economy, adhering to the "environment-friendly, social harmony" concept, and actively promote the waste of nutrient solution by sterilization, disinfection treatment after the second use, low processing costs, both to avoid pollution of the environment, but also save water, fertilizer.
    Advantages of the device
      Can effectively kill fungi, bacteria, viruses, in order to carry out emissions and secondary use.
      The system for independent research and development automation control system, easy to operate.
    Application areas
      Soilless culture nutrient solution disinfectant
      Disinfection of closed aquaculture water
      Disinfection of water treatment

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