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    Boutique case

    In December 2018, the integration of water and fertilizer project of grapery in Beijing has been completed.            
    Project location: Dabeiguan Village, Zhangjiawan Town, Tongzhou District            
    Project area: 180 Mu            
    Construction content: 48 solar greenhouses, 2 multi-span greenhouses and integration of water and fertilizer in the field            
    Crops: grapes are the main crop, and apples, pears, peaches, pitaya, figs, vegetables from field and greenhouses are also planted.               
    This project combines integration of water and fertilizer with remote network control center, and communicates with head system through network, so as to control water pump, pipeline pressure, automatic irrigation and fertilization, automatic filtering, automatic opening and closing of solenoid valve in the field.            
    By using intelligent control scheme, the whole growth period demand can be designed according to crop growth demand, so crop can receive water and nutrient directly, quantitatively and regularly. It also can achieve timing and quantitative irrigation and fertilization, reduce human costs, save water resources, and improve the efficiency of automatic production. 

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