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    On December 31, 2019, water carnival of Jinhu, which is the first agricultural tourist spot in China with its theme of water, has opened in Jinhu County.   
    Water carnival of Jinhu is located in Hehuadang scenic spot, Taji Town, Jinhu County, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 540 mu. Relying on the advantages of its water resources, water ecology, water culture and water industry, the park takes "agricultural ecology as the base, water science and technology as the support, culture as the link, tourism as the feature" to display farming culture including water science and technology, fishing culture, etc. The park is divided into five zones, namely, service area, water-theme venue, experience area, recreational area and lotus varieties cultivation area. More than 1200 species of animals and plants (1100 species of plants and 100 species of animals), 200 items of modern agricultural high-tech achievements, and 150 items of interactive experience projects and landscape nodes were displayed throughout the year.
    2019 is a key year for Jinhu County’s tourism. By the end of this year, Jinhu has held 19 lotus festivals in a row, 4 international halfway marathons, national handball match for primary school students, 2 international cycling races around Taihu Lake and so on, which has truly built its tourist brand. 
    Since 2016, Jinhu County has made solid progress in the construction of key tourism projects based on the requirements of national all-for-one tourism demonstration areas. In 2018 alone, the county received 2.9207 million tourists, with tourism revenue of 3.28 billion yuan. The opening up of water carnival of Jinhu will further promote the development of tourism in this County. 
    At present, all-for-one tourism has become a new driving force to promote high-quality development of Jinhu County. After more than three years of continuous hard work, great changes have taken place in economic and social development of urban and rural areas in Jinhu County. Industrial support is stronger and stronger. Tourism industry is expanding rapidly, which has formed a benign superposition effect with the primary and secondary industries. Urban areas have become scenic spots, and rural areas have become parks. A high-quality development road of “ecology is beautiful, people’s life is happy" is slowly emerging.    
    Water carnival of Jinhu project adheres to the concept of ecological civilization construction, practices the idea of all-for-one tourism in Jiangsu Province, fully connects with the construction of Nanjing metropolitan area, and excavates local cultural resources. It gathers the world's advanced water technology and agricultural technology, and focuses on "water technology, aquaculture, water culture", to create a water-themed urban agricultural complex. 

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