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    Water Carnival of Jinhu officially opened on December 31, 2019. The "Water Venue" and "Fish Venue" were designed and constructed by Zhongnong Tianlu.         
    Water carnival of Jinhu is located in Hehuadang scenic spot, Taji Town, Jinhu County, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 540 mu. It has nine venues, which is the first agricultural tourism attraction with the theme of water in China. Through technology promotion, variety display, education and popular science, training and other forms, we will gather domestic and foreign advanced technologies, lead agricultural science and technology, promote the upgrading and adjustment of the agricultural industrial structure in Jinhu County, detonate the development of leisure tourism in Hehuadang scenic spot, and then drive the development of all-for-one tourism in Jinhu County.  
    The “Water Venue” of Water Carnival in Jinhu            
    Venue area: 6,009.6 m2           
    Jinhu County is a beautiful water town in Jiangsu Province, with water area of 420 square kilometers and mud flat of 44 square kilometers. Taking the relationship between water and human beings as the main line, this venue is divided into three thematic areas, namely, “Loulan Memory Area”, “Mountains and Rivers Area”, and “Water Science and Technology Exploration Area”.  
    Through concept innovation and the application of modern water science and technology, it integrates desert experience, irrigation science popularization, landscape, water science exploration, interactive experience and other functions. Also, it will improve tourist’s awareness of water conservation, increase their knowledge of water science and technology, carry forward water culture, so as to cherish water resources, protect water environment, develop water-related industry, and promote rural revitalization.  
    The "Fish Venue" of Water Carnival in Jinhu         
    Venue area: 6,009.6 m2             
    Fish is one of the earliest foods for human beings. From recognizing fish to artificial reproduction and utilization, it has formed a rich fishing culture. Taking the relationship between fishery and human beings as the main line, this venue shows fishery evolution in the process of human history through the scenes of primitive hunting, artificial breeding, leisure and viewing.            
    Based on the concept of "scientific balance between human beings and aquatic products", the venue is divided into three zones: fish hunting, the land of fish and rice, and fish viewing. Through this venue, we are able to show audience fishery culture, fish industry, and other fishery knowledge, so as to realize the comprehensive functions of fishery leisure tourism, high-tech demonstration, popular science education, and cultural heritage, and to promote the sustainable and healthy development of local aquatic industry. 

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