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    Datong Agricultural Carnival officially opened on July 19, 2019. It is planned, designed and constructed by Zhongnong Futong. The "Water Venue" is designed and constructed by Zhongnong Tianlu. 
    Datong Agricultural Carnival is located in Datong City, Shanxi Province. The first phase of the project has a total planning area of 355.4 mu, which is the largest agricultural carnival project in Shanxi Province. Based on high and new agricultural technology, combined with characteristics of local agricultural industry, history and culture, Datong Agricultural University is to create an urban modern agricultural event integrating agricultural technology, agricultural production, ecology, leisure, education, demonstration and other functions. The project is oriented by suburban agricultural leisure tourism, based on the construction of Datong agricultural core engine and driving demonstration display window, and integrates agricultural demonstration Expo, agricultural science and technology display, agricultural science education, agricultural leisure experience, agricultural creative industry incubation and other functions. Through the initiation of the agricultural carnival project, it will become a model of "agriculture + culture and tourism + science and technology + industry and city integration" in Datong City, and promote the rural Revitalization and prosperity.
    Area of the "Water Venue": 6762.3 m2
    Designing idea: as one of the cities with serious water shortage, Datong has gradually paid attention to water resources. With water as the theme and "water technology" as the main line, this venue is to teach people the importance of water in life and agriculture through artistic expressions. It is necessary to advocate water conservation, cherish water resources and create a sense of ecological water environment. Also, it is very important to reflect aquaculture, aquatic vegetable cultivation, agricultural water-saving irrigation and other related industries and technologies, so as to promote the development of Datong agricultural industry. 

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