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      The system is jointly developed by Beijing Zhongnong Tianlu Micro-Nano Bubble Water Technology Co., Ltd., which adopts advanced computer, industrial automatic control and Internet of Things technology. According to the law of fertilizer requirement in different growth stages, Raw materials, precise control of the proportion of nutrients, the precise preparation of various crops required liquid formula fertilizer, on-demand quantitative automatic fertilization.
      Small liquid fertilizer processing system;
      Can be applied with soil and soilless cultivation;
      PLC touch, easy to operate;
      Built dozens of recipes to meet the needs of different crops;
      Accurate quantitative crop nutrition programs;
      Manual or fully automatic operation;
      Combined with the irrigation system, regular operation;
      Accurate and effective water, fertilizer use and monitoring;
      Can be accurately monitored EC and PH (optional), real-time adjustment.
      Applicable conditions: soil
      Application: multi-span greenhouse, solar greenhouse, orchard, field and so on.
      Use area: from 1 mu to 1000 acres (according to the planting area to adjust the fertilization system specifications)
      Fertilization crops: Up to 20 crops can be preset.
      Fertilization settings: according to different crop growth period accurate quantitative fertilization, divided into vegetative growth and reproductive growth stage two-stage fertilization.
      Installation environment: indoor installation, the temperature maintained at 0-35 ℃, humidity less than 70%.

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