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      Water and gas heat and heat integration system is a new independent irrigation system suitable for the development trend of modern agriculture. The system is based on the needs of crops for water, temperature, air, nutrients and other factors to develop appropriate crop growth of irrigation. Combined with automated control, to achieve a low investment in agricultural cultivation, high output, high quality objectives.
    Water treatment system
      After the micro-nano-bubble generated by the micro-nano-bubble generating device of the Company's own intellectual property rights, the ferric hydroxide in the water is converted into ferric oxide, and then the water treatment equipment developed by the Company is used to remove the algae spore Etc., irrigation water quality is higher, to solve the problem of drip irrigation.
    Fertilization system
      1, the proportion of fertilizer fertilizer fertilizer, fertilizer more uniform;
      2, underground fertilization, fertilizer until the crop roots, higher fertilizer efficiency,
      3, gas and liquid mixed irrigation, increase soil oxygen content, enhance crop root respiration, absorb faster;
      4, controlled drip irrigation Fertilizer is controlled by electric injection pump and control the amount of fertilizer into the drip irrigation pipe technology, according to the amount of drip irrigation fertilizer control the amount of fertilizer to achieve balanced control of fertilizer.
    Micro - nano bubble system
      1, micro-nano-aeration air bubble produced by the bubble diameter is small, there is stability, with a negative, so that it has water and oxygen carrying capacity;
      2, a substantial increase in the oxygen content of irrigation water, with the drip irrigation to the crop roots, so that crops fully absorb oxygen;
      3, the use of micro-nano-bubble water characteristics, the treatment of water in the source of water and some metal ions to improve the drip irrigation with anti-clogging ability.
    Geothermal circulation system
      1, solar water heaters, PE heat pipe network, carbon fiber heating wire, deep underground pipe network, a variety of ways to collect heat;
      2, storage tanks to collect the heat collected during the day, when the soil temperature is low when the heating;
      3, heating pipe network low cost, simple network, reusable;
      4, the central controller control, automatic cycle;
      5, automatic control access to the cold tube, reduce soil temperature.

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