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      Fish culture symbiosis is a new type of compound farming system, that is, aquaculture and vegetable production of these two completely different farming techniques, through clever ecological design, to achieve scientific synergies, in order to achieve fish without changing water and no Water quality worries, vegetables do not fertilize the normal growth of the ecological symbiotic effect.
      Fish dishes symbiotic, as a fusion of aquaculture and soilless cultivation techniques of circular ecological cultivation. With the fish off the waste to grow vegetables, through the electric drive water closed cycle: fish excreted after eating feces by the organism, microorganisms responsible for decomposition of fish manure, to provide nutrients, transported through the circulatory system to the plant roots, and absorb nutrients, water purification. The roots are eaten by fish. The whole system can do: water recycling, organic excreta recycling.
      It is a kind of harmonious ecological balance between animals, plants and microorganisms, which is the low-carbon production mode of sustainable zero-emission in the future. It is also the most effective way to solve agricultural ecological crisis effectively.
      The symbiosis technology is simple and practical, and can be suitable for large-scale agricultural production. It can also be used for small-scale family farms or urban hobby agriculture, and has wide application prospect. Is a very suitable for urban or rural garden production of farming mode, but also the future of urban agriculture development of the main technology and trends.
      The combination of micro-nano-bubble technology and fish-vegetable circulation system, through the farmer's own research and development of micro-nano-bubble water generator to gas (such as: air, oxygen, ozone, etc.) with high-speed Cyclone cutting into the water, the rapid and efficient preparation of micro-nano-bubble water to improve the gas in the water in the dissolved efficiency of the fish to provide adequate oxygen, while the circulation through the micro-nano-bubble water to the plant roots, effective Improve plant root oxygen content, promote plant growth.
      Fish dishes symbiotic, as urban agriculture emerging projects, is rapidly developing around our country. The development of landscape gardening is also popular. Many urban families have family aquarium farming ornamental fish, as an important part of the family life of the office workers returning to nature, relaxing, living in the elderly, and cultivating children's studies. Traditionally, the ornamental fish can only watch the fish, and if you use the space above the fish tank to grow some leafy vegetables and flowers, will bring a very beautiful indoor landscape, but also played a role in the purification of indoor air, but also a small amount To harvest vegetables, serve three purposes.

      Similarly, in the agricultural sightseeing greenhouse, balcony gardening, roof garden or outdoor fish pond three-dimensional layer cultivation, greatly enhanced the appreciation of the landscape, you can also have a very good harvest of vegetables.

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